About Me

Early Beginnings

I have always been able to communicate with ‘Spirit‘ since being a little girl. As a child I had ‘Invisible’ friends which I perceived to be perfectly normal! I ‘Knew’ things about Adults and other Children that I could not of possibly even guessed at, however I did not realize how or why I had this ability until a lot later in my life.They say that spiritual people have a difficult path in life, and that has been very true for me. I was extremely poor as a child and was the victim of abuse and bullying as well as being in and out of Children’s Homes and Foster Care, until I was permanently Fostered at the age of 12. I believe that my childhood contributed greatly to the compassion and understanding that I have for my Clients during all the years I have been helping them. It has shaped me in to the person I am today and therefore even though it was tough I am grateful for it.

In 2005 I got Meningitis & Encephalitis and nearly died, and it was then that my true ability came out. As I was recovering I started hearing voices and thought that I had gone crazy! It was then my life purpose stated to fall in to place and I have been serving others ever since.

Over the years I have helped thousands of people come to terms with their loss and to guide them in their lives to resolve what ever problems or issues they may be experiencing. I have been on Radio, seen Celebrities and given life changing guidance for Clients in Australia, America, Canada & New Zealand to name a few!

New Direction

I have now moved away from doing ‘Psychic Work’, and I am now concentrating on helping people to help themselves. You can only be helped to improve your life when you understand and face what is keeping you ‘Stuck’ or unhappy. I still work with ‘Spirit’ but in a more meaningful way of teaching you how to connect to your higher self so you can make the right choices for yourself in your life. I guide you to uncover the ROOT CAUSE of your problems and provide practical solutions to help you move forward and transform your life for the better. All my years as a practicing Medium has given me great training as I embark on this next level of helping people. My work is based on the teachings in my book “The ‘TRUE’ Meaning Of Life” which is where ‘Spirit’ channeled through me to teach all those that want to learn the how, and why of your existence here on Earth.  The book teaches us that we are all Spiritual Energy Beings having a Physical Experience here on the earth plane, and how to embrace that and how to change our lives for the better.



“What The Mind Can Believe, The Body Will Achieve”

Judith Hindle Psychic Medium in Manchester
(Judith Hindle) Author of "The 'TRUE' Meaning Of Life"


Judith Hindle
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