“Judith is the best naturally gifted medium I have ever seen (And I have seen a lot!). Her information is so accurate and true….Fantastic, would recommend to anyone”...Alan Whitehead (Musician & Author)
“Judith correctly pinpointed my exact location in America to within a couple of miles! And all over the phone on the Bob Jackson Radio Show….Amazing!”  Angie McCartney (Sir Paul McCartney’s Step Mum)
“Judith told me that she could see me playing a Policeman in an acting role. As I was happy in my current acting role at that time I could not understand what it meant. 12 months later my character became a Police Officer in Shameless! Brilliant!”….Elliot Tittensor (Actor)
“I first met Judith a few years ago at Charity Event, we have remained friends ever since. She is very accurate with the information she gives you, yet delivers it in a caring and compassionate manner”.....Lewis Linford (Actor)
“Thank you for the messages you gave me on the Bob Jackson Radio Show, you could see me writing a book, which I was just in the process of doing at the time!”……Fraser Hines (Actor & Author)
“Judith, I am very glad Alan Whitehead passed me your number. Thank you for your guidance.”…..Koo Stark
“I saw Judith when I was in Hollyoaks. She knew things about me that no one knew! Excellent Judith. Thank you for your help and guidance.”……..Danny Tennant (Actor)

Judith Hindle Psychic Medium in Manchester
(Judith Hindle) Author of "The 'TRUE' Meaning Of Life"


Judith Hindle
Psychic and Medium in Manchester

Greater Manchester

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