Therapy Testimonials

I am so humbled by the Testimonials I receive off people that I have helped. There is no greater Joy for me than to see the difference in someone after they have had Treatment. This Therapy literally changes your life for the better. Any one receiving Treatment has full follow up for six months after their Therapy and can contact me at any time. I only display a Client’s first name in order to protect their identity.


Siobhan’s Therapy Testimonial:

Hi my name is Siobhan I’m 31 and have had depression most of my life ranging from mild to clinical. I have had lots of counseling and I’ve even had C.B.T (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) but nothing worked. I was in a dark place, I was at the end I was so sick of fighting and losing I was ready to throw the towel in. But then I met Judith who has changed my life, no in fact she has given me my life back! I hated who I was and I hated being a prisoner to my mind, and now I am free I’m actually FREE! I love who I am! I love my life! and I cant wait for the future! I know that who ever you are reading this your thinking “but does this really work”?  I know because I was there and I can tell you YES! it does! and YES! it is worth every penny, you will not regret doing it. xx

Caroline’s Therapy Testimonial:

Thank you so much for all your help with my problem for 47 years! I can sleep at night without any fear of that I am eternally grateful

Janet’s Therapy Testimonial:

I have been through various different therapies over the last 19 years. These centered around severe resistance depression, anxiety, low self esteem and drug and alcohol problems. Until very recently I was still suicidal with Psychosis symptoms, not sleeping, had severe anger issues and no quality of life as I locked myself away for the majority of the time. Over the years I have been given many ‘labels’ including ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’, ‘Manic Depressive’, ‘Bipolar Disorder Type 2′, ‘Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder’, this is to name just a few as the list is endless. I really had just about given up when I heard about Judith and Jay through a friend and booked a Reiki session at my lowest ebb with an open mind, but I do have to say – VERY low expectations. The first thing I quickly realized is how powerful Reiki is with the correct person. I am absolutely shocked beyond belief that I have been through years and years of pointless, painful and soul destroying therapy leading up to my appointments with Jason. After just one session I saw dramatic changes in my previously negative and self destructive behaviors, actions and thoughts. My life really has changed beyond recognition in a very short space of time. My anger started to subside after just one session; I have had this problem for many many years. The fear that has always been attached to me/part of me lessened literally overnight and I have actually started to become more sociable. I have enrolled in a college course and for the first time ever I feel that I have some hope to build a life for myself at 35 years old. The main thing I would like to stress is that I have experienced no discomfort, upset or loss of dignity as I have frequently with other therapies – just continued positivity and a sense of calm. Jason is very professional, approachable and extremely down to earth. He patiently listened to me asking me key questions, going on to construct a treatment plan uniquely for me, to gently introduce Reiki under Hypnotherapy, and shortly NLP; this being because of my precarious mental health. This combined care is a different approach to any other I have experienced. I would highly recommend Jason & Judith, these powerful techniques are priceless.

Clare’s Therapy Testmonial:

After suffering from severe depression for many years, I had just had enough and had been making plans to end my life. I had visited Judith from the Healing Centre for a Psychic Reading and knew how good she was in this field so decided to try Hypnotherapy as a last resort. In the past I had attended months of counseling and was meeting with Psychiatrists every few weeks as well as taking regular medication. I wasn’t convinced that the treatment was going to work but felt that I had no other option other than to give it a go. Judith put me at ease straight away and our session began. Once the session was finished, I felt the difference straight away. It was quite unbelievable. I immediately felt better, like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. As the days went on, I continued to feel better and improved day by day. My husband couldn’t believe the difference in me and said it was the best money he had ever spent in paying for my treatment. Friends and family noticed the difference and said I even looked different – happy and healthy. I can’t thank Judith enough. I think she is marvelous. I hope the work at The Healing Centre continues so other people can benefit from this wonderful treatment. Thank you to Judith and everyone at the Healing Centre.

Victoria’s Therapy Testimonial:

I went to see Judith and Jason last night after through my own naivety and people messing in areas that shouldn’t be messed with I ended up with let’s just say a problem. I am so grateful to them both they didn’t need to help me especially on a Saturday night!! Apologies again for that! Anyway after the problem had gone, Jason did some healing on me. I’ll be honest and admit its not something I would usually go for and I suppose I was slightly skeptical about it. However there is nothing that can explain away the physical feeling it gave me, even though he never actually touched me. I could feel vibrations from his hand, nothing uncomfortable, just unusual! Nice unusual! I felt like I could feel something rising up inside me almost like I was being pumped up??!! I know how this sounds, if someone said this to me yesterday I may have even laughed! I left feeling like a bigger better version of me. I don’t know why but I feel lighter? And much much calmer! I have already booked my mum in and even my husband wants a go and there is no one as skeptical as him! I will definitely be back, thank-you so much Jason and Judith!! X x x

Carole’s Therapy Testimonial:

After winning a Reiki session in a raffle I thought what have I to lose. Oh how I wish I had won that session 20 years ago! Like many others I didn’t know what to expect and skeptical as to what benefit it would be to me, and rather nervous. I cannot begin to explain how the Reiki worked but within seconds of the treatment I was so relaxed, at ease and comfortable. Such an enlightening experience and such a sense of well being after. As this was so successful I have now entered onto the weight loss treatment, again with some skepticism but after the first week I have seen changes in my eating habits. NO it wasn’t hypnotism (been there done that without much success) the treatment gets to the the root cause of the problem, Which started with being honest with myself and honest with my answers to Jay’s questions. I found myself giving away innermost secrets and fears (without any pressure) such was my confidence in Jay. Both treatments I intend to carry on with . Judith and Jay both are very kind, caring, considerate, reassuring, confidential and an inspiration. If this is alternative therapy ‘bring it on’ watch this space for updates.

Michelle’s Therapy Testimonial:

“I have had regular healing sessions at the Healing Centre, and have found it very relaxing and calming. The Centre is very professional and caring. I would recommend it to anyone to try.

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