Over the course of the year I run Workshops & Events for people wishing to develop their Spirituality and who wish to learn different aspects of Holistic & Alternative Therapies. I also attend other Spiritual Events where I give talks and conduct book signings.
The workshops are held as Day Events and are run throughout the year. Keep an eye on the ‘Workshop Dates’’ for information and availability on each event.


Meaning Of Life Workshop

This Workshop is specifically designed to answer all those questions you have always wondered about. The Workshop covers topics including; What Happens When We Die? Are We Reincarnated? Is There A Heaven & Hell? Guardian Angels, Near Death Experiences, What Is Karma? Life Coaching Tools and much more……The Workshop is a day event and costs £77.00. Everyone comes away feeling much more Enlightened and for many it makes their fear of death disappear. A deposit of £17.00 is required at the time of booking.

Please contact me if you wish to know when this workshop is being held.



Past Life & Future Life Workshop   

This Workshop explores the connection to our Past Lives and what is happening in our current life. We use Regression Therapy to go back to see our ‘Past Lives’ and to discover if there is anything we have brought in to this life that is affecting us negatively, if we have then this is eliminated.  This really helps people to understand what may be ‘Blocking’ them in their present life and how to move on from it. After discovering if we have brought any negativity over from a Past Life, we then take you ahead to your own Future!

FLP (Future Life Progression) is the new therapy taking everyone by storm. It works in the opposite way to Past Life Regression as this projects you in to your own future, 5 or even as much as 10 years ahead. This is extremely insightful for gaining the knowledge of if you stay on the current path in life where it will take you, or indeed for you to see what alternative choices and decisions you need to make in order to achieve an outcome you desire! For the brave people, you can progress forward in to what your next life will be, and see how the world changes in that time.  This is a fantastic workshop, as it really does prove that life exists after ‘death’ and it can tell us the reason we are here in this lifetime and the lessons we came here to learn…..

The cost of this workshop is only £77.00 for the day. A Deposit of £17.00 required at the time of booking.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking on our next Workshop.



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